Lady, Do You Want To Be An Entrepreneur? Check This Out!

More and more women around the world start their own business, balance family and work, or want to change their lives and become entrepreneurs. Some wonder how to start, others have plenty of ideas but no resources to make them happen, and there also ladies, who are just afraid to make the first step. No matter what your case is, take a look at these 3 websites, dedicated to helping women to be their own boss.

She Takes on the World

A very useful source of information, great advices and also a connection to a an investment fund, community for entrepreneurs, created by Natalie MacNeil.


Forbes is one of the most reliable media for business and money in the world. Their FobesWoman site is a real school for leaders!

Ellevate: invest in women

Their mission is to help women prosper in their career, while contributing to the society. It is their goal to change the culture of business by investing in women.


Married in May

May is the traditional month for weddings – the spring is manifesting its glory, birds are signing cheerfully, and couples have the feeling that the entire Nature is celebrating their special day. Take a look at these three couples, dressed according to their country’s traditions.

#1. Thailand

Modern brides in Thailand would change their traditional dress, which is in peach color, with a white dress, at some point during the wedding. However, they will start the ceremony with a traditional Thai wedding dress, as the one on the picture.

#2. Japan

A Shinto bride would wear red and white kimono on her wedding, as these colors represent purity in Shintoism. The traditional white paper hat on her head is known as tsuno-kakushi or „horn hider,“ and the idea is to conceal the „horns“ of jealous demons.

#3. Morocco

Silk caftans, usually in white with a lot of golden ornaments, are a popular choice for modern Moroccan couples.The hands of the bride are decorated with beautiful henna drawings.

3 Countries That Celebrate Easter Different Than You

The week before Easter is full of excitement and happy preparation for the coming spring holiday. Christians from around the globe share most of the traditions, like the one with the colored eggs and the Easter Bread, but there are also cultures which have adopted specific customs:


In Poland they still keep a tradition, established in the 7th century. On Holy Saturday every household prepares a colorful Easter basket (święconka) full of tasty food. It’s decorated with white linen or lace napkin and spring flowers or willow/buxus branches. This special basket contains traditional Easter foods: colored eggs (pisanki), some sausage or ham, bread, salt and pepper, a piece of cake, an Easter Lamb made of sugar and nowadays even chocolate. Every family brings their own beautiful basket to the church, so that the priest could bless it and sprinkle holy water on it and over the heads of the christians.

photo: Maciej Goclon/East news


The Langfredag or Good Friday is a quite day in Norway. People respect the old Catholic tradition not to eat meat on that day. It’s interesting that Langfredag is one of the three days in the year, during which TV stations in Norway don’t show any commercials but charity ads only.

photo: Nasjonalbiblioteket


There is a special service that begins one hour before midnight on Holy Saturday. Families and friends take their colored eggs and go to the church together. At midnight, during the first minutes of the Easter day, people greet each other – one person says to another: ‘Hristos vozkrese!’ (Christ has risen) and the other person responds: ‘Voistina vozkrese!’ (He has risen indeed). Then the priest leads the christians in a walk around the church. They have to do this walk three times while carrying lit candles in their hands.

photo source:

Do You Have Plans For The 8th Of March?

International Women’s Days is widely celebrated in Euorpe, including Bulgaria. Most of the ladies like to receive flowers and small gifts or to go to a restaurant or a bar with colleagues, friends, their partner. Sofia, being the capital of Bulgaria, offers a great variety of places to go and have fun at. Check these 3 wonderful ideas for a Women’s Day celebration:

Club Studio 5: Lucas Masciano – концерт на свещи и вино

8-ми март в

Gramophone club: Запазено за жени!

3 Affirmations For Self-healing, According To Louise Hay

I was very impressed by the theory that each physical problem has its mental basis. If you want to learn more about it or check other diseases, google this topic and you will find an answer to your specific illness.These are 3 examples that can give you an idea what’s about:


Meaning: Who makes you feel ‘allergic’? You refuse to accept and use your own power.

The world is safe and friendly to me. I feel safe. My attitude towards Life is calm and natural. 


Meaning: You disempower yourself. Severe self-crticism. Fear.

I love and approve myself. I see myself and everything I do, through the eyes of love. I am safe.


Meaning: Overambitious parents. You feel depressed and defeated. Enormous need of love and affection.

I love and respect myslef. I create my own joy. I choose to be winner in Life. 

Say the affrimation that corresponds to your specific need every day, in a term of 21 days. During that time stay awaken for the processes that will start changing your life and your attitude to it.

Happy New Year! (Again?)

Yea, again. 🙂 Because in some cutlures the new year doesn’ start as per 1st of January but on another date. Actually, there are places on Earth where it’s not 2017 year but that’s another topic. We all know abuot the Chinese New Year, which is actually Lunar New Year. This year it will be celebrated on 28th of January and the Fire Rooster will be the ruling animal. Here are 3 countries which celebrate their own new year on a date, different than 1st of January:

20 of March – Norooz (Persian New Year) – Iran will welcome the year 2576.

28 of March – Nyepi (Balinese New Year) – Bali, which is so loved by yoga practitioners from around the world, will celebrate the beginning of year 1939.

14 of April – Aluth Avurudda (Sinhalese New Year) and Puthandu (Tamil New Year) – Sri Lanka will celebrate the beginning if the Rooster year. The Puthandu holiday is celebrated in certain parts of South India, Malaysia and Singapore.

2017: Forthcoming Film Premiers 3+3

На прага сме на цяла една година и възможностите за забавления са наистина многобройни. Да видим с какво ще ни развличат филмите, които предстои да излязат на голям екран през тази година:

T2 Trainspotting: 17.02.2017


The Smurfs 3: 31.03.2017


Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 – 05.05.2017


… and since I couldn’t just pick only 3 movie premiers, (6 are not enough, as well!), here are 3 more:

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Despicable Me 3

Star Wars: Episode VIII

Sofia, Bulgaria: Fun Events For Children

Winter, being a very cold and soemtime – unpleasant season, also gives opportunities for having fun and doing some sport. There are 3 great events this January, suitable for the children:

1 – 7 години: „Децата и природата“ –  школа „РадостИ“ 

1 – 12 години: „Световен ден на снега“ – Боровец

2 – 12 години: „Frozen Party“ – игри, танци и рисунка на лице – Sofia Ring Mall